This is your survey report.

This Discipleship Survey matrix report is an attempt to give a picture of an individual’s discipleship journey from various perspectives.  It takes three principles of discipleship (Spiritual Growth, Community, and Outreach) and merges these with three stages of application of discipleship principles (Understanding, Application, and Lifestyle) to present in a visual perspective the results of the survey responses.  The result is a score in 9 total areas (3 principles x 3 applications) as well as a combined score for each principle, each application, and an overall score.

While the discipleship survey questions are presented in a random order, it is possible to give an idea of the survey application by the following examples:

Survey questions that are a combination of one principle and one application.

Principle/Application Survey Question
Spiritual Growth/Understanding I understand how to intercede for others.
Spiritual Growth/Application I feel as though I am living a life that is pleasing to the Lord.
Spiritual Growth/Lifestyle I regularly give sacrificially.
Community/Understanding I understand the importance of the local church.
Community/Application I have helped someone to understand a Christian theological concept in the last month.
Community/Lifestyle I am actively involved in some area of service in my local church.
Outreach/Understanding I understand the Biblical mandate for missions.
Outreach/Application I am actively involved in seeing the church multiply in nearby unchurched areas.
Outreach/Lifestyle I have prayed with someone to receive Christ in the last year.

Definition of Principles and Applications

Spiritual Growth – the integration of Biblical principles to an increasing degree in our daily live.

Community – interaction and fellowship with others as part of the global and local church.

Outreach – reaching out to others in obedience to the Great Commission.

Understanding – the comprehension level of discipleship and Biblical principles.

Application – putting discipleship and Biblical principles into operation.

Lifestyle – the way in which a person lives.