For security purposes, it is necessary to register for Connect via a desktop or mobile browser.  After registration, the mobile apps per these links are available for logon and full access.  Register first at  or per the ‘Click Here to Join Connect’ button below.

Connect is a mission focused social networking tool for the furtherance of Great Commission collaborative efforts. The Global Great Commission Network has developed Connect as a secure, online, cooperative tool.

Connect is a mission focused social network tool for the furtherance of Great Commission collaborative efforts.

  • Share Your Resources
  • Learn From Others
  • Interact with a Global Missions Community


Connect is first and foremost a virtual space to connect. Connect is a place that introduces individuals to the variety of components that make up the Mission world and provides a platform to interact and hopefully collaborate with one another. The idea is that through Connect I find the resources, the information, the research, and the tools to assist me in fulfilling my vision as I interact with others that are doing their part.


Through Connect we are able to encourage communication on a number of levels, share ideas, and champion a cause. This is the perfect space to remain connected to friends and colleagues serving in mission around the world. Networks and associations use Connect to facilitate discussion and share ideas by setting up Private or even Hidden Groups to facilitate their ongoing communication, or a public group to share resources and/or to promote their organization or network..


Our ultimate goal is that as people connect and communicate it will lead to increased collaboration between ministries, agencies, networks and individuals. Through Connect you are able to champion a cause, raise awareness, share needs, create projects, plan outreaches, events, etc. In short with Connect we find:

  • A place to discover and be discovered: including information, contacts and resources.
  • A site to assist individuals, networks, associations, agencies with internal group discussion and information sharing while at the same time encouraging inner-agency communication as well.
  • A safe, neutral platform committed to facilitating ongoing conversations important to mission apart from scheduled mission gatherings.

Once a network or organization joins Connect, they can invite their own members, establish and manage their own Groups, either Public for the purpose of education and exposure, or Private or even completely Hidden Groups for internal communication. Or join and participate as an individual, whatever your role or interest in Great Commission activities and collaboration. Some of the existing groups active on Connect include: 24;14 Coalition, Business, Frontier People Groups (FPG’s), GGCN Africa, GGCN Asia, Mobilization, and Prayer Movement (Global Mobilization). Or join the Last Mile – Unreached People Networking Forum and collaborate with others focused on your target UPG.

Register for Connect at or download the mobile apps at Google Play or  Apple Store.  Every registration request is checked for security purposes to make sure it is a legitimate, Great Commission participant. Once confirmed, you will receive notice that your registration is approved. From that point, jump in, share, and participate in this global platform for Great Commission collaboration.

Any questions:

Connect Features


    • Use the Connect GC Network app on your Android or iOS devices or through your web browsers by accessing
    • Online Communities enable members to connect and engage with each other on topics within forums and groups.
    • Connect your people and enable them to connect with the broader Great Commission family.
    • Enable your members and followers to connect under your organizational identify. Increase engagement and retention, and gather valuable feedback. Allow your people to learn from each other.
    • Create a private community by restricting access to only members screened for security purposes
    • Promote your personal or organization’s Great Commission resources


    • Create general member events or group only events for members.


    • Create discussion forums to allow members to communicate in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion, either as part of a group or general forums available to all members.


    • The Connect platform allows members to organize themselves into public, private or hidden social areas with separate activity feeds and member listings. Every community is unique. Create public, private, or hidden groups and set different rules and settings.
    • Grant group level user roles as organizers or moderators to your group who can administrate and edit the group, post activity, or invite users to join the group.
    • Each group can create its own discussion forum. Several groups can optionally be attached to the same discussion forum.
    • Create sub-groups to optimize collaboration.
    • Collaborate on ideas, activities, tasks, lessons, and meetings efficiently. Send out a message with documents, photos, videos, GIFs, and emojis to all members of a social group to collaborate on a single task together.
    • Notify members of relevant activity via email and allow them to customize their notification settings.
    • Make available and organize group documents, photos, and videos.
    • Use a Connect group for a network or organization’s internal communications and as a source of resources while giving members the option to communicate with the wider mission community.


    • Members can upload photos, videos, organize them into albums, and share them for other members to see and comment.
    • Share, maintain and control unlimited documents, files, videos, images and much more on your online community website. The Documents feature acts as a top-notch documents system for the members and social groups.
    • Keep your documents for the eyes only intended to see them! Set privacy for your personal documents and social group documents. All documents uploaded within a group respect the privacy settings of the social group. Forget about accidentally sharing files with the wrong people.
    • Allows user to automatically embed YouTube videos, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos directly into topics and replies.


    • Allow members to make connections with one another and focus on those they care about most.
    • Allow members to send email invitations for non-members to join the network


    • Allow members to send private message. Messages can be sent to one member of a group of members.
    • Live/Instant messaging.


    • Users have full control of notification preferences including Email, Web push, and App options. This includes mentions, activity feeds, group activities and postings, discussion forums, private messages, and member connections.
    • Web push notifications allow members to subscribe and receive all notification types as push notifications through their browser even when they’re not on the Connect network.


    • Transform traditional face-to-face meetings into meaningful virtual experiences. Sell and deliver online content, live training, and meetings using the Zoom integration for Connect. Create and host Zoom meetings within social groups, view upcoming meetings, past meetings, watch recordings, and more.