Unreached People Group Networking

Welcome! You can get involved by: Networking With Others and/or Accessing Vital Information

1. Networking With Others:

The Unreached People Group Networking section of the Global Great Commission Network exists to facilitate networking on specific unreached people groups. It is a forum for any entity or individual:

  1. Facilitators and Mobilizers
  2. Mission Agencies
  3. Prayer Networks
  4. Churches and Church Movements
  5. Missionary Movements
  6. Donors and Potential Donors
  7. Business (BOM) people and individuals looking for opportunities to connect with outreach to UPG’s.
  8. Individuals wanting to pray for, support or go to specific unreached people groups.
Instructions: If you or your entity have an interest in networking with others on specific unreached people groups, you will need to:
  • If you are not already registered you will need to join the Connect network provided by GGCN here. For the security of you, your entity and the people group, only registered and approved users have access to these UPG forums.  Each registration is carefully vetted.
  • Once you are connected you will be able to Search for your people group or choose a people group on the following link: https://connect.ggcn.org/forums/forum/1-upg-networking/
  • Then express your interest briefly by adding a comment on the specific unreached people group you choose
  • And finally click the subscribe button to receive all updates to that topic in your email box.
  • You can also check the box “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” if you want to be alerted that another entity has responded to your comment
  • If you do not see your unreached people group, simply add a new topic where you see “Create New Topic in “Unreached People Group Networking Forum”.
    • Add the unreached people group name where you see “Topic Title (Maximum Length: 80):”
    • Directly after the people name, add the country in parentheses
    • Example: Ingush (Russia)
    • Example: Sherpa, Helambu (Nepal)
  • If you need help message the administrator of the forum or email:  [email protected]
  • If you would like to make a private networking group around a specific people group (for security reasons) go through the steps above and message the administrator.

2. Access Vital Information:

Understanding Unreached People Groups and Finishing the Task of the Great Commission:

You can visit these links or download and read these important articles in PDF format:

Sources of specific Unreached People Groups:

The primary sources of Unreached People Group information used on the UPG Network in Connect are listed here:

  1. Joshua Project list – JoshuaProject.net
  2. IMB/Southern Baptist Convention – Peoplegroups.org
  3. World Christian Database – WorldChristianDatabase.org
  4. Harvest Information System – a code set designed to help cross-reference the research efforts’ databases — Harvest Information System
  5. Etnopedia – Etnopedia.org – A community of Christian research workers and translators creating unreached people profiles in many  languages.

Note: The Etnopedia community is undertaking a two year effort to combine all the existing databases mentioned above into one for the purpose of greater ease of facilitation of networking and sending. The Global Great Commission Network has a working relationship with the Etnopedia community to provide the UPG Networking forum with people groups that are currently considered unreached by all the sources listed above.