Donate Instructions

Global Great Commission Network Online Giving Options through Helps Ministries

Please follow these instructions for online donations to the Global Great Commission Network.  If there are any questions, please contact [email protected] or contact Helps Ministries directly at

A. The Donate Page at is shown below:

    1. Enter Donation Amount
    2. In ‘This donation is for:’ Box select ‘A specific program or ministry’
    3. Select Ministry Partner/Program
    4. The ‘Ministry Partner/ Program’ box opens. Select Global Great Commission Network
    5. Add a Note/Memo if desired to clarify the purpose of the donation if you have specific instructions or requests.
    6. If this is a recurring contribution, Check the ‘Make this a monthly gift’ and skip to Instruction “C”
    7. Click “Next”

B. Method:

    1. Select PayPal / Credit Card for online payments.
    2. Enter Name and Email in the boxes that then show at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Click “Submit” and follow the PayPal Instructions to complete the contribution

C. Recurring Payments:
If ‘Recurring Payments’ is selected in step “B”,

    1. Select Monthly Automatic Debit for the most cost effective method of contributions to GGCN, or select PayPal / Credit Card and follow the instructions that will direct you to PayPal (See “B” above).
    2. Enter in the requested boxes Name, Email, Address, Street, City, State, Zip, Routing Number, Account Number, and Date of Monthly Deductions (10th or 25th).
    3. Authorize the Terms and Conditions and click “Submit”