2020 Updates Listed

Plenary Speakers

Tokyo 2010 SessionAuthorArticle Name and Link
State of the Unfinished TaskDr. Paul EshlemanThe State of the Unfinished Task: A 2020 update
Beyond ChristianityKevin Higgins“Beyond Christianity” 10 Years Later
The Biblical Foundation for Discipling Every PeopleDr. Marvin NewellBiblical Foundation for Making Disciples of Every People – 2020 Update

Workshop Speakers

Session NameAuthorArticle Name and Link
Women in MinistryAbraham, AnnieDeborah Ministry – Developing Grass Root Level Leaders To Minister Among The Women In Northern India
Unreached Peoples Intercession TFAdleta, Liz* Tokyo 2010 Unreached Peoples Intercession Task Force: Ten Years Later

* Tokyo 2010 Unreached Peoples Intercession Task Force: Ten Years Later – Full Report
East Asia (China and Korea)Ahn, Kyo Seong“The Missionary Spirit of the Korean Church” (Revised, 2019.12.28.)
Discipling the 4/14 WindowAyres, PamelaGoing into All the World—to Children—2010-2020
Member Care Around the WorldChang, PhilipCare and Counsel in Missions: Ministering in a World of Oppositions, Pressures, and Schisms
Making Disciples of International StudentsChinn, LeitonMaking Disciples of International Students in Global Migration Paper for Tokyo 2010, revised for 10th Anniversary for 2020
Charismatic and Pentecostal TFHämäläinen, ArtoPentecostal Collaboration — An Increasing Phenomen of the Last Decades
Charismatic and Pentecostal TFJohnson, AlanClassical Pentecostal Mission Agencies and Frontier Mission Missiology: 10 years after Tokyo 2010
Charismatic and Pentecostal TFMcClung, GrantMissional Leadership Challenges: Anticipating the Way Forward into God’s Future Mission
Research Task ForceJohnson, ToddThe World Christian Encyclopedia, 3rd edition and the future of frontier mission
Church Planting MovementsParks, KentChurch Planting Movements: Major progress since 2010
Business as Mission TFPlummer, JoBusiness as Mission: A Decade on from Tokyo 2010
Contemporary Mission TrainingSmith, DonNo Shortcuts to Fruitful Mission
South East AsiaTaniajura, ReyThe Philippine Missions Movement c.2010 and 2020: An Evangelical Perspective

Other Tokyo 2010 10-Year Celebration Articles

AuthorArticle Name and Link
Cardenas, DavidViewing Missional Collaboration as an Ecosystem
Conradie, SasFinancing Missions 10 years after 2010
GGCN Global Steering TeamThe Ongoing Impact of Tokyo 2010
Hescox, MitchellSpirit of Tokyo 2010’  and the Environment
Ho, Mary
Warren, Vicky
Business for Movements
Hupp, DavidReview of Tokyo 2010: A Global Mission Consultation and Celebration
Krishnan, Paul RadhaNext Steps after Tokyo: GGCN Asia
Mitchell, RandyMobilization as Discipleship
Newell, MarvinRevisiting the Tokyo Declaration
Nweke, FerdinandBeyond Tokyo: an African Perspective
Plutschinski, TimoBusiness and the Great Commission
Sears, AndrewWill the Growing Affluence of Western Christian Colleges Hurt Global Missions?