Tokyo 2010 Delegate Testimonies and Updates

This is a place for the Tokyo 2010 Global Mission Consultation delegates to provide updates and testimonies of the impact of Tokyo 2010 on their lives and ministries.  For any delegate to add their testimony, please send it to, and it will be posted here.


Greetings in Jesus name. The 2010 Tokyo conference left my life never the same. I left the conference rejuvenated and with new vigor. I was a senior pastor in a church that was over a thousand members as I came to the conference and after 2 years I left the church to reach street families whom I considered as a partially unreached people groups. For more than 6 years now we have believers who have come to know Jesus, left the street and their lives totally transformed. Those whose lives have been transformed are helping to reach others. 

We are doing this in Thika, Kenya and our goal is to reach the street families and plant churches in every city in Kenya and in our neighboring countries. 

Rev. Simon Kabocho 

Life Issues Ministry 



I thank God first for a wonderful, ecumenical, and colorful gathering- Tokyo 2010.  I was thrilled to see what the God of History has done globally and particularly among the non-Christians through His Church and his workers. I came to know that when the knowledge of Scripture is combined with convictions, the impact in my missional life is significant. So I wanted to boost up my spiritual energy again! 

Rev Dr I. Jeyachandran



Greetings from Salem, India. 

So great to hear from you.

I had the chance to attend Tokyo 2010.  After that there is a big transformation in our mission and ministry.  We have grown networking with 1000 churches in our country.

Rev. J. Glory Dhas



Delivering salvation news in various parts of the world turns out to be multi-interpreted!

There are even several church denominations, including churches in Indonesia, understand and interpret the great commission as written in the gospel of Matthew 28: (19-20) with a deaconess mission.

By going through the conference in Tokyo 2010, I am increasingly aware and understand that the mission of God is in accordance with the Great Commission, it must convey the message of salvation from God to those who do not know who God is!

That impulse, so strongly echoed in the Tokyo 2010 conference!!!

Rev. Barmen Djasarman Parlindungan Sinaga Mth



First of all I’d like to thank God first and thank you all as a team for the great opportunity to be with you 10 years ago.

That conference really affected my life and changed a lot in my mindset and my goals as it actually helped me a lot in my ministry.  I really enjoyed knowing different people’s experiences and knowing different cultures.


Nabil Ghaly



My wife and I attended as a part of a small delegation from The Navigators (Japanese, Malaysian, Kenyan, and us as Americans).  One of the most moving and impactful experiences of Tokyo 2010 was the impromptu prayer session for Europe that followed one of the plenary sessions led by a European.  We remember being caught up with the thousands praying for the gospel to return to Europe and particularly among the secular. At the time I was the Missions Director for the US Navigators. 

Since 2017 I have been the European Director and serve with my wife in the continent we and others prayed for back in 2010.  We would have never dreamed it.  We hope to serve another three years and count it a privilege to be called to this needy part of the world. 

Blessings to you and your work.

Bill (Cathy) Sparks

European Director for The Navigators

Southampton, England


My name is Sarah Beriyth. I came to Tokyo2010 as part of the YWAM Create International delegation with Calvin and Carol Conkey, representing resources for unreached people groups.

I will never forget how our Egyptian ministry partner (Sameh Hinen) had a dream that he was to talk on stage and how he was asked to give a word right after he told us about the dream. It showed me how the steering committee was “in tune” with what Holy Spirit wanted to convey to us during that time about the Arab world. We were very touched by how it happened.

Since then I have moved back from Thailand to South Africa and I started a new Oral Story Telling Project called “” (see pictures attached) After cutting the New Testament figures from wood, the story teller places the 10cm tall wooden figures in the sand as he/she tells the story to his family and friends. This SandBoxBible has now gone to a few Africa Nations by Frontier Mission leaders in YWAM. (And they are asking me for a Muslim friendly version which I will make available 2020)  It has also reached Cambodia and in 2020 we will finish the Khmer children coloring book that is reflected in the wood. Children hear the story, see it in the sand, and then color in the pages as the 3rd reinforcement of the story. Once done the application is simple. The participants place a boy or a girl in the sand that represents them and asks “what did I learn from the story and what do I think Jesus is telling me?  The hope is to inspire families to sit around a box retelling NT stories while engaging with what Holy Spirit is telling them.

Thank you Global Steering Team!

Sarah Beriyth M.A.

University of the Nations YWAM

South Africa


Tokyo 2010 really impacted me to work to do self-support missions workers basing on what we have learned from the topic BUSINESS AS MISSIONS TASK FORCE, This topic was really for me and for my peoples as I had learned I’m doing my best to support self and I’m teaching to others as well, by opening the project call THE SYCAMORE TREE.  The story behind is when Jesus was crossing Jericho the tax collector Zacchaeus heard about His coming and in order to see Jesus Christ he ran ahead of time to see Jesus.  Because of his short stature he had an idea to climb up the tree and through that tree he could see Jesus, and that tree was a SYCAMORE TREE.  Because of this tree Zacchaeus could see Jesus.  By doing this project our ministries, workers and my family want to become like sycamore to help somebody to let them see Jesus Christ and also to show them for their livelihood. Attending Tokyo 2010 was memorable in my life for the greater missions. This project started in the year 2017. We teach to peoples: 1) how to get livelihood without depending on easy money, and 2) how to have born again Christian life as Zacchaeus, Business as missions task force topic was key lesson for me.

Thanking you,

Aliba Imchen, Missionary/Pastor



It’s good know about your follow up efforts. We have used stories to plant churches among unreached people groups. We started a movement among the Bagri – a UPG in Rajasthan. There are now close to 90 churches (mostly house churches) among that people. We have engaged about 10 more groups, but due to security reasons I will not be able to share details.

Thanks again for your efforts,

Ivan Sikha

Apostolic Vicar,

The (Anglican) Mission India


Thanks for your recent correspondence. Tokyo 2010 brought multiple blessings to me. As leader of the African delegation, I had the singular opportunity to network with many Church and Mission leaders in Africa. Lasting friendships have been formed. Some of these have transformed into ministry partnerships that are benefiting Church and Mission endeavors around the globe.


Dr. Seth Kofi Anyomi.



The Tokyo 2010 conference was so glorious.   Such meetings are so crucial to the ministers of the gospel to attend and be equipped with skills and knowledge on how to reach the whole world with the message of good news of the kingdom of God. I was so much transformed during the conference and up to date I can testify of great change in the ministry. Such conferences should be held from time to time.

God bless,

Robert Wafula 



Hello, so happy to hear from you.  I want to tell you I’m speechless for what The Lord has done in 2010 mission conference.  It was my first mission abroad as well my first visit to Japan.  I was amazed by the grace of God to see people reconcile with American people with Japanese people!! I was very touched by the preaching also and the spirit of God movement!!  

Thanks so much for reaching out to us!!

Sue and Adel Mikhail

It was honor for me to attend that conference it fill my sprite and meet a wonderful godly people and make me close to God, God bless all the working team who glorify our lord Christ

Adel Mikhail

Middle East


Warm greetings!

After Tokyo 2010 it was a great eye opening of how to make unreached people groups survey and focus on the community very specific way. You may know that we work as a missionary organization with a motto to Reach the Unreached and to Tell to the Untold.

Therefore, the Tokyo 2010 was very meaningful and helpful and to develop the discipleship among the new believers especially from other faith people.

With much thanks and blessings,

Your brother in Christ,

Elavatta Abraham



Tokyo 2010 was an inspiring and strengthening moment for me as a Christian and as a missionary. It was a necessary reminder that the Body of Christ worldwide is just as committed today to making disciples of all nations as at any point in history. If any, it can be argued that there is greater collaboration today in a global context than at any time. In our own Philippine based ministry, we have planted cross-cultural churches in at least 18 nations since Tokyo 2010.”

Michael A Paderes



Tokyo 2010 was a great experience in my life.   I believe the great men and women of God who had gathered in Edinburgh Scotland in 1910 had the same experience.  Though I have preached the Gospel of Christ Jesus in more than 80 countries including China and Russia for the past 40 years, Tokyo 2010 conference had a great impact on my life and my International Ministry. The concepts and ideas which were discussed at the conference were very good especially for the present day mission around the world.

Thanking you, 

In His service, 

Dr. D.Jayanand

Goodwill Ambassador for Israel,

Founder: Jesus Cares Ministries International.



Thank you for your messages. Yes, I have received several messages reminding me that it is nearly a decade since 2010. I was already thinking about this anniversary because I was the research coordinator for Edinburgh 2010, and it was in that capacity that I attended the Tokyo conference. I was grateful to the leadership of Tokyo2010 who allowed me a few minutes on the platform to introduce and bring greetings from the 2010 project. (I found a photograph of myself among the archived gallery – although I don’t have any of my own.) Allen Yeh, Dave Datema and I have planned an event at Fuller next May (a PhD colloquium with invited guests) to talk about three 2010 events – Edinburgh, Cape Town and Tokyo, the legacy of Edinburgh 1910, what all this means for mission ten years on.

I am pleased to report that Dr. Pierson is aged but still takes an active interest in what is happening in Fuller.

I am not sure that I can answer the question “How did Tokyo2010 impact your life and your ministry?” in a catchy way because my work toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission is mainly in and through the academy. But it was certainly a memorable experience – not least because of the evident leadership of the Korean churches in a Japanese context (an example which is cited in Sebastian Kim and Kirsteen Kim, A History of Korean Christianity). I mentioned Tokyo 2010 always in my presentations on Edinburgh 2010 because it is significant that the legacy of 1910 was so appealing and was interpreted in so many ways. More recently, in a forthcoming festschrift for Brian Stanley, I have reflected on how Edinburgh 2010, Cape Town 2010 and Tokyo2010 express what Dr. Winter, I believe accurately, referred to as “the three children of Ghana” – i.e. of the decision of the International Missionary Council to merge with the World Council of Churches (see Ralph D. Winter “Protestant Mission Societies: The American Experience,” Missiology 7/2 (1979): 139-178). This shows that the question of the appropriate structures for mission is still a live question today. I hope we can raise this and other issues at Fuller in May 2020.

I hope this is some help in your research.

With best wishes.

Kirsteen Kim, PhD

Associate Dean for the Center for Missiological Research and

Professor of Theology and World Christianity,

School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary



Greetings to you in Christ name.  I am thankful to you and Tokyo 2010 team.

I still remember that when I promised to extend and advance mission for my nation in Bangladesh. Thank God Tokyo 2010 helped to give our attention to plant Church with unreached people in Bangladesh. We adopted Rajbonshai, Koll and Koda group. By the grace of God we able to start new Churches among them. Not only Church planting but we started a Church planting network in Bangladesh and mobilize 17 denomination and target to plant 500 new churches. Thanks a lot for your mission influence to see a vision for Bangladesh.”

Thanks for giving opportunity to share something.

Rev. Bony Baroi 




Mi nombre es Fernando Robalino Silva, Pastor Evangélico de la Iglesia Cristiana Lluvias de Bendición ubicada en Quito-Ecuador.

Dios me dió el regalo más hermoso en el año 2010 y fue poder ser parte del Congreso Mundial organizado en Tokio 2010 donde desde el principio fui bendecido por la atención de los hermanos, por la Palabra que recibí de los diferentes predicadores de diferentes paises del mundo; pudo recibir la visión y misión de un evangelismo explosivo, recibí métodos y estrategias de crecimiento numérico en las iglesias; recibí Palabra de Profecía en los diferentes talleres que asistí; en fin fue una gran bendición el compartir con hermanos de diferentes países donde se pudo hacer amistades con pastores de otros lugares.

Realmente un evento de estos son únicos donde vemos la Poderosa Mano de Dios en todos los lugares y rincones de este mundo que tanto necesita que le hablen del Salvador Jesucristo.

Que Dios les bendiga y que les ayude a realizar otros eventos como el de Tokio 2010 que recuerdo tantas cosas como si hubiesen pasado ayer.

Gracis por todos ustedes y les bendigo en el precioso Nombre de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo sigan adelante y que pronto puedan hacer otro evento como Tokio 2010 y porque no decirlo Tokio 2020


Dr. Fernando Robalino Silva

Pastor Iglesia Cristiana Lluvias de Bendición

Quito – Ecuador

My name is Fernando Robalino Silva, Evangelical Pastor of the Rains of Blessing Christian Church located in Quito-Ecuador.

God gave me the most beautiful gift in 2010 and it was to be able to be part of the World Congress organized in Tokyo 2010 where from the beginning I was blessed by the attention of the brothers, and by the Word I received from the different preachers of different countries of the world.  I was able to receive the vision and mission of explosive evangelism.  I received methods and strategies of numerical growth in the churches.  I received words of prophecy in the different workshops I attended.  It was finally a great blessing to share with brothers from different countries where friendships could be made with pastors from elsewhere.

Truly an event of these are unique where we see the Mighty Hand of God in every place and corner of this world that so badly needs to be told of the Savior Jesus Christ.

May God bless you and help you hold other events like the one in Tokyo 2010 that I remember as many things as if it had happened yesterday.

Dr. Fernando Robalino Silva



I can’t thank God enough to see your Faithfulness in keeping us updated and informed about GGCN across the years following the Tokyo 2010. 

I am one of the African delegates who happened to take part of this memorable event that in reality was life changing with great impact on my life in a positive way.

Given that I was already involved with reaching out to the least reached people groups of Southern, the acquired knowledge at Tokyo 2010 helped me to change my focus. I decided to open and run mission schools in few nations and mobilize churches to get involved in missions. 

This year in July 2019, I had a privilege to speak to a 4000 church leaders and co-workers Mission conference in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and I was asked to speak on strategies to reach to the most dangerous nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This was the first event of its kind in this war torn African country enlisted amongst the most impoverished.  

I was amazed by the amount of people committing to go to the most difficult places to reach the gospel even with their limited resources. Today, with a friend we have established a missions School in the city of Kinshasa (Capital of DR Congo). We are in need of more lecturers who can impact the lives of the students.

In the same line.  I am now establishing myself in Brazil, and run some missions schools in the country side (many churches have no focus on missions and know little about it) to empower the churches to teach the unreached or least people groups of the world).  I shall say that it has been a very fulfilling endeavor. 

Thanks to Tokyo 2010 for opening my horizons and understanding that more still was to be done.

João Luis, 

South Africa


Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,

It’s my pleasure to share with you all my testimonies after Tokyo2010! I attended the program during my 3 years mission at Republic of South Africa. So after the program I came back to Ghana, my mother country. During the Tokyo2010, I met a Dr Seth Anyomi who is now my father, and he has also reminds me often about Tokyo 2010 declaration!

Achievements: I’m director of Cyprus Global Ghana and partner with Cyprus Global Inc. USA. Through these organizations I was able to reach thousands of people in the remote villages, the Kokomba, the Muslim communities in the Northern provinces, Volta province cities and thousands in the cities of the Greater Accra, with diverse ethnic groups!

I have opened two churches in the villages under Northern provinces with over 450 congregations!  I have established school from basic to disciples kids from age groups of 5-12 years! 

Tokyo2010 has really impacted me a lot and I see it as dream fulfilled in my ministry life!

Tetteh Amoanor Hayford



Thank you for keeping me in contact. It is quite a big job keeping all the delegates at Tokyo 2010. 

As for myself, I have been spending most of my time writing Bible Study books to help believers to read and understand the Word of God so that they can put into practice the Will of God.  I am 85 years old last month.  My wife and I have stopped travelling overseas, partly because of strength and partly of finance.   We are involved in our active church in reaching out. I have been involved in 1 or 2 organizations to help others. 

Alfred Yeo



I cannot express enough how much the Tokyo 2010 meeting impacted my life personally.  I believe it was a watershed moment not only for me but for the Church and its mission.  For me it represented a significant shift on my spiritual journey and a broadening of my mission all thinking.  I said then and I say it today:  whenever we gather in this fashion each one of us comes with huge gaps in our understanding.  Together we have the opportunity to connect our dots, develop a more complete picture of what it is we do and how we accomplish our God-given tasks together.   I believe we can clearly see major shifts that can be traced back to this strategic gathering and the Tokyo Declaration continues to be as relevant today as the day it was drafted.  The concepts and ideas discussed at that gathering are foundational in today’s mission world.  

Randy G. Mitchell

International Director, OWM



Greetings from our Ministry,

What a Joy to receive your affectionate communication dated 16th September 2019.  After the Tokyo Global Missions Consultations in May 2010, the pastors (delegates) met 4 times in Hyderabad, Miryalaguda and East Gadavari Districts in Andhra Pradesh. 

Each one has their own Ministries and is busy in their own work, but we still remember the Tokyo declaration.

We have established 16 Churches during these ten years and taking care of 60 destitute Children over the past 8 years.  We are nurturing the young children in the Instructions of the Lord so that they will impact the generations.  We used to get support for one meal from Joyce Meyer Ministries Hyderabad office.  But now the Joyce Meyer Ministries office was suddenly shut down as per the instruction of the present Government.   They shut down all the children homes in India.  But we are continuing feeding these deprived children.  

We are strengthening the Churches. There is lot more to cover the place in Andhra Pradesh State.  We can’t expect them to be in the network group.  Because they are in remote villages and they cannot handle Computers and connect media etc.  The Pastors are not acquainted with computers.  We are trying our best to record their ministry work by taking some ones help. 

We have Hospital Ministry and Prison Ministry also.   

I loved seeing the GGCN newsletter with an update from Dr. Marvin Newell, the Architect of Tokyo Declaration.  Congratulations to Dr. Marvin Newell and to GGCN Team. 

In 2010 two of us, me and Rev. Emmanuel contacted over 600 organizations/churches from India and 64 attended the consultation in May 2010 at Tokyo as far as we know.  Per the flags on the stage there were 159 countries represented at the Global Consultations.  We went out on the streets, and that was a great achievement.  The Tokyo Committee meticulously made all the arrangements.  We are indebted to them throughout our life. This is to inform you Rev. Emmanuel passed away a year ago.

Two things we will never forget regarding Tokyo 2010 (such a great conference).  The first one is the concept of Great Commission “Making Disciples of All Peoples in Our Generation” which we are doing at present.  We had a wonderful time of togetherness in Tokyo.

The second unforgettable issue was that my brother Cap. Johnson Manohar’s wife Usha Johnson fell on the escalator and fractured her hip and was admitted in the Tokyo Hospital on the very first day of the Conference.  We were saddened for that.  But God gave us courage to bear the pain.  Two people came to pay the Hospital Bills.  But my brother said that he contacted the Bombay Insurance Company in India who covered the expenses as per their policy.   

Profound regards,

In His Love,

Sarah and Augustus Karunakar.