GGCN Volunteer Opportunities and Needs

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In order for the Global Great Commission Network to achieve its vision to “stimulate worldwide mission efforts that promote the making of disciples of every people in our generation”, many volunteers are needed.  Current priority needs include programmers and system designers to work with the Connect development team.

Much progress has been made in some areas and projects, as outlined below, by a small number of volunteers.  Our prayer is for a growing number of visionary participants and contributors. Here’s a list of ways you can connect and be part of our common efforts:


The Global Great Commission Network exists to stimulate worldwide mission efforts that promote the making of disciples of every people in our generation.  As a priority project, the GGCN has created and is continuing to develop an interactive discipleship assessment survey tool to aid in the efforts of making disciples of every people.  This tool can be found on the Global Great Commission Network web site where individuals, churches, and other groups can participate.   After taking the survey, users immediate receive in response a Survey Analysis.

(Still to be programmed), Along with a “Score” in each category, the user can select ‘Resources’ under each category and this will take them to a growing list of resources available to help the user in each discipleship area.  The user also has the ability to add other resources to the crowdsourced database.  More information is available at

Volunteer Needs:

    • Discipleship Survey (individual or organization) coordinator
    • WordPress programmers to be part of the development team
    • Individuals to compile and promote discipleship materials
    • Individuals and/or organizations to provide online training in discipleship
    • Participants in regional and country Discipleship Survey development teams in order to translate the survey into local languages and to adapt to cultural differences

Contact for more information.


UPG Networking

At Tokyo 2010, a vision for a networking tool focused on networking between intercessors, givers, goers and senders around the work focused on unreached people group was presented.  It was called the Last Mile Calling network.  Since 2010 much effort has gone into bringing this vision to reality.

The Last Mile Calling has evolved into part of the Connect network sponsored by the Global Great Commission Network.  The UPG Networking tool at enables facilitators, mobilizers, agencies, churches, mission agencies, intercessors, businesses and funding partners to indicate their level of commitment, involvement, or interest in networking with others to reach a particular unreached group.

The UPG Networking tool exists to facilitate networking on specific unreached people groups.  It is a forum for any entity or individual:

Volunteer Needs:

    • WordPress programmers who can take on specific priority assignments
    • Unreached People researchers and facilitators to be part of the development team
    • Regional project facilitators

To get more information about this opportunity to contribute to this comprehensive social-networking site for unreached peoples, please email  To participate in UPG Networking follow the instructions at

Connect Network

The Connect Network is focused on the social networking opportunities for the furtherance of Great Commission collaborative efforts.   The Global Great Commission Network has developed Connect as a secure, online, collaborative platform.  A growing number of networks have begun using Connect for intra-agency communication among their leadership and several are beginning the process of implementing Connect as their primary communication tool across their membership.  We believe this will lead to greater interagency communication as members are successfully connecting with mission leaders from around the world.  We are excited about this project and encouraged that this is a tool that will encourage more people to CONNECT, COLLABORATE, AND COMMUNICATE within the mission community as calendar events are shared, causes are championed, projects are promoted and discussions are started.

Volunteer Needs:

    • Individuals with WordPress and internet programming skills to serve on the Connect development team
    • Networks or other organizations to adapt Connect to their own needs
    • Group and other network online facilitators

If you have an interest in helping, the time to contribute to the development, and programming and web skills that you can offer, please contact  Work is going forward to identify networks or associations interested in exploring how they can effectively manage their internal communications by utilizing Connect .  Once a network or organization joins Connect, they can invite their own members, establish and manage their own Groups, either Public for the purpose of education and exposure or Private or even completely Hidden Groups for internal communication.


We are seeking GGCN Regional Representatives who share the vision and purpose of GGCN to help us serve network participants and inquirers in various regions of the world.   Contact for more information.


GGCN Regional Discipleship Survey and Discipleship Resources Volunteer Facilitator

    • Coordinator of Regional Discipleship Survey and Discipleship Resources per the vision of GGCN to promote the making of disciples of every people in our generation
    • Locate and recruit local personal and resources to facilitate discipleship understanding and practice
    • Work to translate the Global Discipleship Survey and other resources into local languages, as needed and appropriate
    • Work to adapt the Global Discipleship Survey for local culture and practice
    • Communicate with the Global Discipleship Survey Coordinating Team
    • Promote the understanding and usage of the Discipleship Survey
    • Identify and promote discipleship resources that GGCN can list and promote.
    • Recruit a local Discipleship Survey facilitation team to pursue and address local needs.

GGCN Regional Connect Volunteer Facilitator

    • This person is responsible to coordinate with Randy Mitchell and others of the Global Connect  coordinating team to further the use and development of Connect
    • Facilitate Connect local group and, as needed, other focus groups and forums
    • In general promote Connect participation, helping to make networks, churches, and individuals aware of this tool
    • Potentially serve as part of the Connect global facilitating team

 GGCN UPG Networking Volunteer Facilitator

    • Coordinator of local participation in the UPG Networking tool
    • Locate and recruit local personal and resources to encourage cooperation and use of the UPG Networking tool which is designed with the primary purpose to enable networking between intercessors, givers, goers, and senders around reaching the 4,500+ unreached people groups
    • Work to incorporate features and tools in the UPG Networking tool for local culture and practice
    • Communicate with the Global UPG Networking development and management team
    • Promote the understanding and usage of the UPG Networking tool in your region
    • Identify and promote cooperation and networking specifically for unreached people groups located in your region
    • Recruit a local UPG Networking facilitation team

GGCN Regional Steering Teams Administrator

    • Work to facilitate communications among GGCN regional and local steering team members
    • Serve in an administrative role for the regional GGCN Steering Team to include:  GGCN regional web page development, periodic GGCN regional newsletter, and development and management of the regional GGCN mailing list
    • General GGCN regional leadership and member communication needs.
    • Manage regional responses to the Tokyo Declaration signatures and other listing and promoting of agencies and associations in the region.
    • Facilitate GGCN online meetings of regional/local steering teams.
    • Recruit additional volunteers and regional leadership.
  • GGCN  Regional or National Steering Team Members and Coordinators
    • Work to broadly represent the Global Great Commission Network in assigned area.
    • Answer GGCN inquiries of individuals and organizations in or near the assigned area, directing inquirers to appropriate resources or help.
    • Serve as a reference in assigned area for unknown inquiries re uses of GGCN resources.
    • Promote and encourage use of GGCN tools and projects.
    • Promote the Tokyo Declaration and encourage individuals and organizations to sign the Tokyo Declaration.
    • Recruit GGCN participants and other resources.
    • Work to secure local funding for GGCN Steering Teams.
    • Educate local agencies, associations,churches and networks about GGCN.


    The vision of the Global Great Commission Network (GGCN) is to list, profile, and promote global, regional, national, and other mission associations and networks plus mission sending agencies, mission service agencies, and mission sending churches.  If your organization is listed under either Associations/Networks or Organizations at you can check to (1) confirm that the information is accurate, including any network affiliations, and (2) identify your organization as a signer of the Tokyo Declaration.  If it is not listed, let us know at and we’ll add your organization to the database.


    We want to promote Prayer Networks, Mission Resources, and Mission News and Events from around the world and have made a start toward that goal at  Do you know of prayer networks or prayer resources that can be listed and featured?  How about significant mission resources including publications, blogs, web pages, service ministries, and much more that should be featured?  Are there sources of mission News and Events in your geographic or ministry area that would encourage and bless others?  Pass those along or volunteer to coordinate information from your part of the world.  Let us hear from you at

    We look forward to hearing from you.  Let us know how you can help and keep an eye on for further developments.

    Educate local agencies, associations, churches and networks about GGCN.  Promote and encourage use of GGCN tools and projects.  Promote the Tokyo Declaration and encourage individuals and organizations to sign the Tokyo Declaration.  Recruit GGCN participants and other resources.